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    Unanswered: Can I create a form to search a variety of fields

    I'm currently trying to overhaul a database containing membership details for a club I'm in and would like to add a form into which I can enter various search criteria.

    Ideally, I'd like the option to search on membership number, surname or postcode (or any combination) from within a single form.

    Is this possible and how do I go about it? I'm a bit rusty in Access these days!

    Many thanks

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    Have you looked at Filter by Form? It just might suit your needs?

    The only other way I know is to make a search form with the criteria you want to search on it. Then you need to make a button that when clicked runs a report (or form I guess) :

    (A). This report is based on a query that looks at the search form for it's criteria.


    (B). You build the SQL for the record source of the report with VBA prior to opening the report.

    Hopefully this will nudge you in the right direction.
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