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    Unanswered: SQL 2000 Server Alias - Set up


    I've just set up a default local instance of SQL Server 2000 on a box and have been asked to give it an alias.

    Having never done this before I was able to find some MS documentation about cliconfg.exe.

    I went to the alis tab, clicked on add entered my alias and 'localhost' in the server name text box, selected TCP/IP as the network library (for no other reason than that was the example used by MS). The 'dynamically determine port' box was checked and voila nothing seems to have made any difference.

    I am able to connect to the DB instance from my local SQL client using the horrible full name but when trying to connect using the alias i get:

    '...server not found or was inaccesible...'

    Does anyone know of some good documentation or are you able to guide me through it as the MS stuff was pretty high level 'click this then this and your sorted type stuff' so I am none the wiser as to what I actually did.



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    Try adding the port number in client configuration when you are configuring alias...
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