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    Unanswered: Attaching files to sql database


    I want to attach a pdf or doc or xls or any other file type to an tuple in the database.
    I am fairly new to databases. Also, I want that field that contains the link to the file to be an active link. I want to click on it and the file should open.

    Please help me out on this.

    By the way, this is a completely standalone database. This is not connected to any web server or anything and the files are stored in the computer hard drive itself.

    I am using MS Sql 2000 Enterprise edition.
    The basic gist is to create a DB so that we can open files from there without having to search for it as to where in the computer it is stored.

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    The way you are trying to access the files from sql server is not possible...
    In sql server you have to create a table and insert the data into a store the pdf or doc or xls file you have to use TEXT data type...

    Check the following...
    How to store PDFs in SQL SERVER 2000
    Storing and Retrieving doc/pdf/xls files in SQL Server Tech Treasure
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