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    Unanswered: Edit Record In Access from Excel Using VBA

    I want to edit an existing record in an Access table using VBA from Excel.

    The table in access has a primary key.
    A cell in Excel will has the numerical key.

    So I need the VBA to connect to my Access table.
    Locate the correct record by looking at an Excel cell.
    Update specific fields in that record.

    Seems pretty simple but I have spent hours looking for help so I am posting. The problem probably lies in my not understanding ADO and such very well.

    Thanks for your time!
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    Another confused Excel user

    If you want to write VBA in Excel, why are you asking Access gurus? You need to seek Excel gurus, which btw are nowhere near as cool as Access gurus.
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    I hang my head in shame and leave the very cool Access guru lounge. I just wanted to fit in!

    Consider this thread closed and I will repost my question here.

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    Now look what you've done ST. You went and scared quickoats off (even though you're right about MSAccess developers being cooler than Excel developers.)
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