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    Unanswered: log space requirements for reorg rebuild

    Hi all
    I want to know how much log space is required to rebuild a table. For example if I have a table of 10 GB then to run reorg rebuld on this table how much log space is required.(i guess 120% of data space is required for reorg rebuild a table)

    And if my log space is not sufficient then is it possible to add some log device temporarily and remove it later from the database(which i guess is not possible in Sybase. What I know is that we can only add space to a database using alter database, but can't reduce it anyhow, Please correct me if I am wrong).

    Please help me out.
    Ishu Srivastava

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    No, minimal log space is used. But you do need data free space equal to the size of the table as the table is first copied before the original is dropped

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