I am looking to improve on a webapp database tool that I paid too much for and is tooo slooow.

I am not a corporation and don't have a large budget, but I am happy to pay for your time if you can really help me create a web based database app that is significantly better than the one I already have.

I don't know much about databases, I brought my calculator in excel to some developers who promised a lot, charged a lot, and did not ultimately deliver what they had promised.

I would prefer to start over from square zero. I know exactly what I need, and it it needs to be fast. I can give you more details if you are interested.

So, with all that said - I am open to whatever platform will work best. I believe that the current webapp is in sql, I don't understand why it is so slow, but I have to believe that it can work faster.

It took the last programmer about 40 hours to get the thing from concept to the web, I don't think the project was very big for his employer, so it did not get the attention it needed.

Send me a note through the forum and I'll send you my email.