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    Unanswered: can i get some basic about php ...

    i had did some editing in .. phpbb and other php scripts .. but dont knw .. how to make one myself .. i just want to create a small form submitted the data shd be stored in a Mysql database cpanel .. and then .. the admin can login and can query that .. based on conditions .. so pls help me how to start .. .or give me the concept .. i knw something about html and made some websites .. dont knw much about php...

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    Start by taking a look in the php Dealing with Forms tutorial at

    Then, after you see what's going on with the form interface, take a look at the PHP documentation, particularly the database documentation for MySql at The MySQL example code demonstrates connecting to a MySQL database, performing a query, then displaying the results. In your case, you would be issuing a SQL INSERT statement, rather than a SELECT statement.

    Now, as far as the cpanel side of it, I have no idea as to where the data is being stored, or whether it's even available to you for direct manipulation.
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    w3schools also has some good stuff on PHP

    fwiw this site is more about helping people develop 'stuff' with databases, in ths case using PHP. its not about learning PHP.. there are better resources out there, some come in book form
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    i think you must see it,s a great website.

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