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    Unanswered: Runtime Error 3027: Cannot update. Database or Object is read-only.

    I'm trying to update a table and get the above error, I know the way I've opened is correct as I've open one above the same way, here is the code I have:

    sList = ""
    For I = 0 To (lstSelectedPosition.ListCount - 1)
    sList = sList & "'" & lstSelectedPosition.ItemData(x) & "',"
    Next I
    sList = Left(sList, Len(sList) - 1)
    strEmployeeQuery = "SELECT [Training History].[Employee ID], [Training History].Training, [Training History].[Date Completed], [Job History].Position FROM [Job History] INNER JOIN [Training History] ON [Job History].[Employee Number] = [Training History].[Employee ID] WHERE (([Training History].[Employee ID]=[Job History].[Employee Number]) AND ([Job History].Position IN (" & sList & ")));"

    Set dbEmployee = CurrentDb
    Set rstEmployee = dbEmployee.OpenRecordset(strEmployeeQuery)

    For I = 0 To (lstSelectedPosition.ListCount - 1)
    rstEmployee![Training History].[Employee ID] = [Job History].[Employee Number]
    rstEmployee![Training History].[Training] = txtTraining
    Next I

    Set rstEmployee = Nothing
    Set dbEmployee = Nothing

    Where is the issue causing the problem, I suspect it is in the WHERE statement as I ahve played with that a few times to get it to this point.

    I'm trying to Update table Training History (Three fields: Employee ID, Training, Date Complete (Blank to be entered later)) from the form. The form has a multi-select listbox holding positions and a textbox for the training name. Once it has the position from the listbox it uses Job History (fields: Employee Number and Position and other that link into other parts of the program, not my area) to match the position to any employee number that holds that position. I then use that number and add it to my table along with the training from the textbox.

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    Take the content of your strEmployeeQuery after the Set command and see if you can make a query out of it and then edit the query. I think you'll quickly discover what is going on.
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    Sorry it took so long to reply, this is a project I continue on days when I have time as things like this are not really part of my job.

    Ok you are right even though I actually created it in the query builder I never checked if I could edit it there. Any suggestions on another way to go about it? I have tried so many different ways to go about this.

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