I am using db2look to get a bunch of related table statistics from a production databaes, and update a test database using the generated statements. Both the production database and test database don't have detailed index statistics.

During this process, only one update statement failed, which is to update SYSSTAT.TABLES for a specific table X. It failed with the message:
The catalog statistis "963" for column "CARD" is out of its target column,has an invalid format or is inconsistent in relation to some other statistics. (23521, -1227)

This is strange, becaues:
1) The update statements for other tables and their columns statistis succeeded. (i.e. the statements that update SYSSTAT.TABLES and SYSSTAT.COLUMNS)
2) The update statements for table X's column statistis (SYSSTAT.COLUMNS) succeeded. So "CARD" of the table is greater than any column's COLCARD.

I suspect the relationship between "CARD" and "NPAGE", "FPAGE" might be off. However, i don't know how to confirm this. Could you please help?