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    Unanswered: SP_OACreate in SQL Server 2005, Fails with 'Not enough storage is available to...'


    I am trying to call dot net dll from an SP but its not working and throws an ODSOLE Extended Procedure type of error saying "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation."

    Please HELP!!!!

    Here is SP code from where i tried to call Dot Net dll.

    DECLARE @comHandle INT
    DECLARE @retVal INT
    DECLARE @errorSource VARCHAR(100)
    DECLARE @errorDescription VARCHAR(100)
    DECLARE @ReturnedString VARCHAR(2000)

    EXEC @retVal = sp_OACreate 'FileadeCOMnet.RaeBridge', @comHandle OUTPUT

    IF (@retVal <> 0)
    EXEC sp_OAGetErrorInfo @comHandle, @errorSource OUTPUT, @errorDescription OUTPUT
    SELECT @errorSource, @errorDescription

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    Based on past experience (and supported by KB932872), you need to compile your code with a 64 bit compiler in order for this to work.

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