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    Unanswered: How can I undestand UDB ?


    I am a new member to this group , as you know , My Boos ask me to understand the UDB that will help to control any update or modify to Oracle , DB2.

    Please How can I understand the UDB or where can I get more explain about it ?

    Thank you for cooperation.

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    mngahtani, I think you and your boss don't understand what UDB means. The only time I have seen it is in relation to IBM's attempt to make DB2 the same on all platforms. It stands for Universal DataBase. Since this was/is an impossible task (since hardware/operating systems require different syntax), they have moved away from the term.

    If this is the case, then UDB has nothing to do with updating or modifying Oracle or DB2.

    Does this answer your question or do you want some other information?

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    Thank you for response , may be yes , may be no , but i think I have to knew something related DB2 , the story is : we have a Big Project that related re-engineering application , that application was in DB2 .
    The project based on Oracle as data base and Unix as operating system.

    we want to prevent and observe the vendor and his developer team to make any update or modify in DB2 or Oracle unless we know what they will do.

    i hope my question is clear now ?

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    You need to take a class in DB2, or start reading the manuals. There are also some decent books (try and read the reviews).
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