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    Unanswered: Month display on pivot, plus variance column


    I have a pivot with Month/Yr as the column data, and quite simple HR data in the data area. That data is defined by category which is in the row data area.

    Basically, I want to be able to

    1. Display the Month/Yr (column data) so that the later month is always to the left of the earlier month. Excel automatically displays it the other way.
    2.Insert another column to the right showing the variance between the row data for two months.

    Any ideas? Sorry I would have uploaded an image if I'd been able to create one.


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    For #1, just right-click the Month/Yr column header or data, go to Field Settings..., click Advanced..., and change the AutoSort options from Ascending to Descending. Click OK twice and you're set.

    For #2, you just put in a formula to subtract one month's data from the next, unless you want to make it dynamic, where the user chooses which months to compare. That might take a bit more work.



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    Thanks Ax238, 1st answer did the trick. For the 2nd, it would be dynamic, depending on selections, so I may just attach a mini column with formulas to the side of the pivot.

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