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    Lightbulb Unanswered: I use excel spreadsheets with about 15 fields

    I want to build a data extractor that will automatically read the fields in any excel form and then move them to which fields I want to use as sorting fields. Are their existinfg programs that can do that?

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    no but you can write code or macros that run in Excel to do that for you. however most practioners on this site would tend to suggest you store data in a database and if you wish manipulate it in a spreadsheet.

    so I suppose the question is do you want this question moved to the Excel or the Access forums?
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    You can also use an external VB application to perform the manipulation, using either automation, or ADO to connect to the spreadsheet as if it were a database table... (with limitations)

    However, I do echo healdem's remarks regarding the use of a database... Ref the online article: Spreadsheet vs. Database - Which One Offers The Best View Of Your Data?
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    Echoing the echo(s).

    Databases are for storing, organising, securing, retrieving data. They also manage the updating, in particular ensuring logical constraints are respected.

    Spreadsheets are for manipulating, analysing, interrogating, reporting on the data.
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