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Thread: Table Crashed

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    Unanswered: Table Crashed

    When I am making certain modifications in the xyz table. While doing so, I encounter a power outage and my system shuts down unexpectedly. Again I switch on my system and try to open the table, the following error message gets displayed:

    “Table is crashed and last repair failed”

    The data saved in the xyz table becomes inaccessible after the error occurrence.

    Tell me what to do to recover my data.
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    try issuing a REPAIR command | @rudydotca
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    Re: Table Crashed

    To resolve the above error message, you will need to repair xyz.myi table by using these steps:

    1. To check and analyze the corrupted table, use either of the two commands:
    myisamchk xyz.myi
    Check Table xyz
    2. To repair the corrupted table, use either of the two commands:
    myisamchk -r –q xyz (-r -q means “quick recovery mode”)
    Repair Table xyz

    But if the above repair commands fail to repair the xyz table, you need to repair the table by using powerful MySQL Repair software. Such MySQL Database Repair applications incorporate advanced scanning algorithms to repair and restore the data stored in MyISAM tables. I would suggest Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery For MySQL to repair and recover corrupted MySQl database.

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