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    Unanswered: Recovering unused space from datafiles...


    Using Oracle 9i. I know this is a much discussed topic and I done a lot of research on this, however, could not find any convincing answers....

    I simply want to recover as much 'unused' space from datafiles as I can. For this I understand I need to find the HWM out for which there are a number of scripts available on the net.
    And then the easiest thing is to simply recover the space available above the HWM first and then look at recovering the space below the HWM....

    But what I would really appreciate is some instructions for dummies (if you know what I mean). Like for instance how to start doing this in Toad for example...

    Taking the tablespace offline (or can this be done with the tablespace online) Personally I don't think it can be done with the tablespace online.

    And then using:

    Alter tablespace A resize datafile 'datafile_name' 'newsize'M

    Will be grateful for any responses... Thanks.

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    From my perspective the cost to "reclaim" any "unused" disk space is higher than the cost of the disk space itself.

    I will pose 1 possible alternative, but recommend against doing so.
    Create a new tablespace (TS) move objects 1 at a time (online) from old TS to new TS.
    After old TS is empty, drop it to reclaim the disk space.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shajju
    I simply want to recover as much 'unused' space from datafiles as I can.
    Do you expect your database to not grow any more?

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