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    Unanswered: Notification of a change.

    Hey guys and gals,
    I'm looking for some way of notifying the user of my database when a particular value changes in one of my queries.

    The database is tracking an employee reward program. If an employee is witnessed doing a good deed, a manager will give the employee a "check" for one of 5 categories (columns 4-8). Once an employee achieves a check in each category they are given a pin. Multiple pins are achievable.

    The value I want to watch for is "Total Pins" (see picture) which is the minimum value of the counts of the categories. The top half of the picture is the (incomplete) form I use to add a check.

    I was thinking of having some way of recording the value of "Total Pins" temporarily, then adding the check, requerying, and then comparing the old value with the new to see if it changed. Any ideas?

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    I would try doing the check as the manager adds the check, or at least I assume there is some sort of form to allow this to happen. When the manager clicks the button to add the check (or whatever you have set up), I would first query to find the current number of pins and store that value, then add the manager's check, then requery and compare the previously calculated value. If the new value is greater, send off an email or something.

    Just my thoughts at least.
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