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    Question Unanswered: About ORA_HASH Function

    Hello All,

    I have stored the password in the database column with the help of OAR_HASH function.If I want to retrive the original value, means I want to decrypt the value which is get stored through ORA_HASH function.Then how can I decrypt it ?

    E.g. - The value for james is 1236057532.(produced by ORA_HASH function)
    I want to decrypt this 1236057532 value.

    Will any body plz tell me how to do this?

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    >Then how can I decrypt it ?
    You do not decrypt. It is a 1 way HASH.
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    Hello anacedent,

    Thanks for your reply.

    If in a future for some reason I want to know the password for some user then I will never come to know the text value ?Then it will create a problem because everytime I need to convert the value througn ORA_HASH.There is no simple way to bring the value back to plain text ?

    E.g. The value for james is 1236057532.(produced by ORA_HASH function)
    some oracle function(1236057532)
    ans = james.
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    As anacedent said: it's a one way hash, you can not reconstruct the orginal value from the hash.

    One of the reasons is, that different input values (passwords) might end up with the same hash value.

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    Hello shammat

    So it's just impossible to recover the original value.

    Thanks for your replay.

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    Correct, which is why most passwords are stored this way. As an administrator, you can change the password, but you can't find out what the current password is.
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