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    Unanswered: XML Generation question

    Hi to all...

    Since I'm new to this forum, sorry if something like that already exists as a topic.

    Anyway, my question has to do with XML files generation through Oracle (10g or 11g).

    I have a specific client, who now uses SQL SERVER 2005 and for some reasons the need for migration into Oracle has been decided. The customer has some jobs in SQLSRV which generate XML files using sp_createwebtask (passing an xml template file - not xsd file), and sp_runwebtask procedures for the creation of XML files with data from the SQLSRV.

    I was wondering if there is something in Oracle like those two SQLSRV procedures (sp_createwebtask, sp_runwebtask).

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have no idea what those SQL Server functions are doing, but check out the XML functions of Oracle:

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    Thanks for your reply...

    In general sp_createwebtask in SQLSRV as I found out, creates a web task using a template file (and anything that has to do with HTML and/or XML), and then sp_runwebtask creates XML/HTML files with the use of a stored procedure.

    If for example you create a procedure Prc1 that does

    select * from table1

    and then execute sp_runwebtask Prc1
    this will create a file with the results of the select statement.

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