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    Unanswered: Unable to execute procedure

    I have created procedure PRC_SAMPLE a schema. but from the same schema I'm unable to execute the procedure, it gives error

    ORA-06550: line 11, column 10:
    PLS-00302: component 'PRC_SAMPLE' must be declared
    ORA-06550: line 11, column 3:
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored

    Any role/Priv needs to be given to execute own object?

    I have granted execute any EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE,EXECUTE ANY PROGRAM but still having the error.

    Any pointer will be of great help.

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    >I have created procedure PRC_SAMPLE a schema.
    Provide proof (CUT & PASTE) by using sqlplus within a single session that PRC_SAMPLE exists, is valid, & error is throw when
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    thanks. I tried in sqlplus and it works fine. no error.

    I'm getting error if i execute the same from toad.

    any idea what can be the issue?

    note: if i create same procedure in another schema i'm able to execute from toad also. so guess its to with the schema.

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    Got the resolved.. please ignore
    issue was there was table existing with schema1 as name

    so from toad when i execute it executes as schema1.prc_sample and gives the error. thanks.

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