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    Unanswered: Calculated field allowing manual entry/override?

    I am using Access 2003, and have created a simple Sales form. On the form, you can select a product, and its price, and at the bottom, a calculated field will tell you the amount of tax, and a separate field will tell you the total price.
    When we sell wholesale, the customer pays no tax. I need a simple way to either
    a) erase the calculated tax and manually replace with "0.00"
    b) have the tax field know that when an order type of "wholesale" is selected, it means no tax.
    Right now, I cannot simply erase the populated calculation in the tax field at all.
    Any suggestions?
    I would love it!

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    I believe we need more information than that to try and help you. What is the table(s) structure(s) look like that is driving this form? How are the values stored? Are they stored or calculated dynamically in queries and such? What does the form look like that this data is being entered? What controls are there, what type are there, what is populating them, and what are they intended to control? Etc.
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    Have the tax field know that when an order type of "wholesale" is selected, it means no tax.

    Modify the expression that calculates the text to incorporate the appropriate IF condition.
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