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Hi guys,

I have managed to ftp all the csv files which I generated from DB2 express c to iSeries and have created the schema by db2look utility.

Now I am facing some other problems.

The ddl generated by express c db2look utlility has some statements for clobs inside thet create table statements like


This caused errors on iSeries during creation. So I removed the "Logged not compact" and it created the tables.

But now when I am trying to import the csv files manually to the tables then its asking for the clob file path and is not able to find that clob file which I ftped .

Here is what I did.

1) Created a schema through navigator named csv
2) Transfer all the csv files to that directory by windows ftp

When I ftp the files on iSeries why do they all have separate libraries created for them ?

Isn't it suppose to work like directory csv\file1,file2,lob file2,file 3 etc ?

But Mine are like csv\file1.lib\file1.mbr

my csv directory is under qsys\csv\

3) I am facing error on import it says

Unable to access a file that is referred to by a file reference variable.

Please help guys,
Regards, Mike.