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    4040vision (promotion)

    Please take the time to look at this to see if it is for you.

    4040vision is unique in providing organisations with a complete business intelligence and reporting solution meeting the needs of nearly everyone in your hierarchy. Using the predefined business structure users can get the information in terms that they understand driving your business forward.

    Reports and queries provide a solution designed for business users rather than IT professionals. With minimal knowledge end-users can access the underlying data and structure effortlessly.

    4040vision easy enough for the average user to understand, yet powerful enough to save developers time.

    It has been developed using our experience in the reporting and business intelligence sector. We have taken feedback from our customer who say that report writers are basically the same in terms of user interaction. A customer who had used CorVu in the past mentioned that it is similar to CorVu just easier to use.


    Mark Barrett
    4040vision - Business Intelligence on a Budget
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