I am trying to create an user interface (form) that has 2 parts. Each part has date from their own table (or query).

I'm look for a way to do something like this:

1) the top part of the form will have a drop down list of all records with active status. One of the fields in this table (or better, a query) will have a date (lets say 05/10/2009). This drop down will list the descriptive name.

2) The bottom portion of the interface would be the "portal" (or in MS Access speakese, subform) showing the results of a 2nd query based on the selected date from the first part ..however the results will include all records "on or after" that date.

Can someone assist or point me to a basic framework how to tie all this together?

I wish I could use FileMaker ..it's a SNAP in there.

Thanks to all!

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