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    bj murray netware♠

    i have a customer with BJ Murray used for legal for landlords ( late rent ,Legal Fee's ,Dispossess) The System is pre yk2000 run on net ware 5.1
    Every now and then he gets a file not found after log in and going to legal prompts. usually i restore from a backup tape ( you know what happened) . I am not used to this system and i don't know what commands to use to rebuild and repair the database.
    2- Also the customer needs to get this system replaced with a newer program that the data can be imported to. ♠
    Most important is to get the system up and running. Then change to new software running on windows or linux

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    better late than never

    I know this is a few years later, but my company specializes in detailed data conversions from BJ Murray to our product, MDS Explorer. I assume you are in NY or somewhere close by. If your client hasent already made a switch or you have but are still not satisfied, check us out. We are a NY company that has been converting BJM systems since the 90's..

    BJ Murray Property Management Software Conversions


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