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    Unanswered: How di I set up this form please help

    I have been working on it for while whit this database and I can't get it right this database is for Phone cards sales . I set up three tables one for Phone card information and one for inventory and one for daily sales. Each phone card brand comes in 50, 100 or 200 in each book and the book has number and serial number and quantity count like this 123-12345-001 the first number is the brand number and the second is the serial number for the book and the last is count.
    TblInfo has these fields
    BrandNo BrandName BrandPrice CardsinBrand
    772 ABC $10.00 100
    774 DEF $20.00 50
    BrandNo is the Key

    TblInventory has these fields
    BrandNo SerialNo Active SoldOut Returned
    772 123456 y/n y/n y/n
    772 356787 y/n y/n y/n
    774 923466 y/n y/n y/n
    774 354888 y/n y/n y/n
    SerialNo is the Key

    TblSales has these fields
    SalesDate BrandNo SerialNo EndingNo
    06/01/09 772 123456 009
    06/01/09 774 923466 010
    06/02/09 772 123456 020
    06/02/09 774 923466 020
    SerialNo can only once each day.
    Finally I set up form that we will enter sales but here is where I have the problem. What I like to see in the form is all books that are active and their ending day of the previous day so we can enter today's ending date. I tried dlookup and but if book sold out yesterday I still want to see yesterday's ending number so I can enter the last number of the book. Please help and I hope I explained eneogh.
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