When I tried to do a full recover of a dabatabase in a test environment I have a strange error, maybe related with XBSA but I finally found the real error.

I checked with onbar -v rootdbs backup

$ onbar -v rootdbs
STATUS: IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 9.40.FC6
Program Name: archecker
Version: 4.7
Released: 12/08/04 01:59
Compiled: 12/08/04 02:01 on SunOS 5.8 Generic_108528-27

STATUS: AC_MSGPATH /free/tmp/ac_msg.log
STATUS: No device specified, assuming scan phase completed.
STATUS: Control page checks PASSED
STATUS: Validating reserve pages.
STATUS: Reserve page validation PASSED.
STATUS: Checking rootdbs:TBLSpace
STATUS: Checking sysmaster:sysdatabases
................. exit omitted.......................
STATUS: Checking sysuser:syssequences
STATUS: Checking sysuser:sysauth
STATUS: Checking 0x00100044:
ERROR: bad extent number 0 -- only 0 extents.
ERROR: Unable to convert logical address to physical address.
STATUS: Checking onpload:ix100_1
STATUS: Checking 0x0010004E:
ERROR: bad extent number 0 -- only 0 extents.
ERROR: Unable to convert logical address to physical address.
STATUS: Checking 0x0010004F:
ERROR: bad extent number 0 -- only 0 extents.
ERROR: Unable to convert logical address to physical address.
STATUS: Checking onpload:maps
STATUS: Checking onpload:ix104_1
STATUS: Checking onpload:mapitem
STATUS: Checking onpload:ix104_2

$ oncheck -ce rootdbs

Validating extents for Space 'rootdbs' ...

Chunk Pathname Size Used Free
1 /informix/links/rootdbs01 256000 113791 142209

2. CHECKING DATABASE onpload, apparently no problem.
$ oncheck -cc onpload

Validating database onpload

Validating systables for database onpload

Validating syscolumns for database onpload

Validating sysindexes for database onpload

Validating systabauth for database onpload

Validating syscolauth for database onpload

Validating sysdepend for database onpload

Validating syssyntable for database onpload
WARNING:No syssyntable records found.

Validating sysviews for database onpload

Validating sysconstraints for database onpload

But when I review the partnumber of tblspaces I found several missing partition numbers.....

oncheck -cs rootdbs

......................exit omitted
sysuser:'informix'.sysinherits 0x100030 3 5
sysuser:'informix'.syscolattribs 0x100031 2 6
sysuser:'informix'.syslogmap 0x100032 3 5
sysuser:'informix'.syscasts 0x100033 21 3
sysuser:'informix'.sysxtdtypeauth 0x100034 3 5
sysuser:'informix'.sysams 0x100035 4 4
sysuser:'informix'.systabamdata 0x100036 2 6
sysuser:'informix'.sysopclasses 0x100037 4 4
sysuser:'informix'.syserrors 0x100038 2 6
sysuser:'informix'.systraceclasses 0x100039 3 5
sysuser:'informix'.systracemsgs 0x10003a 3 5
sysuser:'informix'.sysroutinelangs 0x10003b 3 5
sysuser:'informix'.syslangauth 0x10003c 4 4
sysuser:'informix'.sysaggregates 0x10003d 3 5
sysuser:'informix'.sysroleauth 0x10003e 3 5
sysuser:'informix'.sysobjstate 0x10003f 4 4
sysuser:'informix'.sysviolations 0x100040 4 4
sysuser:'informix'.syssequences 0x100041 3 5
sysuser:'informix'.sysauth 0x100042 2 6
onpload:'root'.ix100_1 0x100045 5 3
onpload:'root'.maps 0x100050 5 3
onpload:'root'.ix104_1 0x100051 3 1
onpload:'root'.mapitem 0x100052 157 3
onpload:'root'.ix104_2 0x100053 11 1
onpload:'root'.query 0x100054 6 2
onpload:'root'.ix108_1 0x100055 3 1
onpload:'informix'.systables 0x100056 11 5
onpload:'informix'.syscolumns 0x100057 26 6
onpload:'root'.session 0x100058 18 6
onpload:'informix'.systabauth 0x100059 11 5
onpload:'informix'.syscolauth 0x10005a 4 4
onpload:'informix'.sysviews 0x10005b 3 5
onpload:'informix'.sysusers 0x10005c 3 5
onpload:'informix'.sysdepend 0x10005d 4 4
onpload:'informix'.syssynonyms 0x10005e 3 5
onpload:'informix'.syssyntable 0x10005f 3 5
...........................exit omitted ...........................................
This partitions not reported are in the range that onbar -v is reporting

Checking 0x00100044: ---------------> missing in oncheck report
STATUS: Checking onpload:ix100_1----> part numb 0x100045 is in report
STATUS: Checking 0x0010004E: ------> missing in oncheck report
STATUS: Checking 0x0010004F: ------> missing in oncheck report

This is my production environment, actually I don't have problems with my database. I supose that missing tables are not "essential" for normal operation, backup operation is successful, none error message... but during a full restore, it does an "extra validation", founds this missing partitions and swith on a "flag" in rootdbs saying that is not complete restore.

I search for old backups, but rootdbs has the same problem in all of them ...

What I could do?

Thanks for your help.