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    Unanswered: Moving from Excel to Access

    I've been collecting data in a spreadsheet over the last while and started graphing various bits of out it when I ran into what I'm amusing is a typical Excel problem - graphs don't update to include new data without re-selecting the chart data each time. I'm thinking that moving from Excel to Access can alleviate this. Perhaps I'm incorrect as I am most assuredly in over my head again.

    Columns A-D are things like year, make, model - things I might want to filter by. Columns E-N are input data (numbers - nothing fancy) - the source for everything else. Columns O through AP are calculations based on the data in E-N.

    I want to graph several different pairs within E-AP, with trendlines and displayed R^2 values. I only have a couple of graphs in Excel at the moment and I expect that will grow as I dig deeper through the data.

    When I tried to import and analyze the sheet, Access wouldn't let me split the table into Data and Calculations. Can I import the excel formulas from the calculation cells automatically (basic math)? Frankly I'm really not sure how to proceed at this point.

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    If charting is the focus, then stick with Excel. Charts are a lot more powerful in Excel than they are in Access.

    You can't import formulas since they are never stored in a table.
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