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    Unanswered: Error routine

    DBMS_UTILITY.format_call_stack function gets the error throwing procedure.

    When concurrent users or concurrent session is getting from the procedure from stack, will it be session based?

    same user A, has 2 sessions
    Session1 has executed procedure1, which throws exception, the procedure1 is in the stack.
    At the same time, Session2 has executed procedure2, which throws exception, that procedure2 also in the stack.

    For session1, when i capture the error-throwing procedure from stack, which procedure it will be captured procedure1 or procedure2?

    All I want to know is,Stack stores the procedure in session-based?


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    >All I want to know is,Stack stores the procedure in session-based?
    Yes, session based.

    >same user A, has 2 sessions
    It depends upon exactly what is meant by "user".

    In some/many/most commercial applications, a single schema owns the whole application and this schema owns some/many/most sessions within the database.
    Each session can & will produce its own error stack.
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    Is there is any relevant website link is there? Please let me that i can also refer in
    my end. Advance thanks.

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