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    Unanswered: BJ MURRAY to NEW DATABASE

    i have a customer with BJ Murray used for legal for landlords ( late rent ,Legal Fee's ,Dispossess) The System is pre yk2000 run on net ware 5.1
    Every now and then he gets a file not found after log in and going to legal prompts. usually i restore from a backup tape ( you know what happened) . I am not used to this system and i don't know what commands to use to rebuild and repair the database.
    2- Also the customer needs to get this system replaced with a newer program that the data can be imported to. ♠
    Most important is to get the system up and running. Then change to new software running on windows or linux

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    If it is Btrieve data and you want to extract the data you will need the DDF files. These describe the file layout so that the data can be extracted. If you do not have these and need to build them you can take a look at BtSearch at Nelson Software Solutions DDF and Data Editor for Pervasive Btrieve. It can help you build the DDF files then export to CSV or other formats.

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