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    Unanswered: What's the proper way to export from ACT! into Access?

    Tried searching around the Access forums for this and couldn't find a solution. Has anyone ever tried exporting contact information from ACT! into Access?

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    ACT! has a propietary database. You can try seeing if there is a driver to connect to an ACT! database and install that driver (creating an ODBC type connection using that driver) and then link the tables into Access using the ODBC connection. Finding the driver might be tricky though. We didn't go with ACT! because it had no ability to connect with it in the older versions. You can check to see if Prograsive has such a driver - their's is an ODBC replacement. Otherwise anyone with moderate MSAccess skills could design an ACT! clone in-house (limited version). I'd also download the latest MDAC and hope a driver is in that (but doubtful) You'll most likely have to see if you can get it from ACT! itself. They don't like others to see behind the scenes and their structure (same with Quickbooks).

    Otherwise, with the newer versions of ACT! you can export most of the data into a csv file. I would check into the ACT! command line parameters and see if you could automate this procedure (using task schedular to execute the vb script or bat file to do this) and then either import into MSAccess or just link to the table(s).
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    You might have more luck on an Act! specific forum. The developer's website specifically states that it can be integrated with all MS Office products.

    Like pk, if this is advance planning and you're not actually using Act! as of yet, developing an Act! clone using Access would be fairly easy, I suspect.

    This is a moot point, of course, if you're already using Act!
    Hope this helps!

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