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    Unanswered: Maintenance replication user "has been faded out (closed)"


    I have a replication server 15.0.1. I have a replication database between two ASE 15.0.2. The replication works fine. The data insertion in the database is every 15m. Nevertheless, I have always this message in the replication log file:

    I. 2009/06/08 11:25:45. Connection to server 'SERVER_ONE' as user 'rep_user_maint' has been faded out (closed).
    I. 2009/06/08 11:30:16. ...... connected to server 'SERVER_ONE' as user 'rep_user_maint'.

    I think that there is any timeout variable that maybe can be set to avoid this message. But I have tried to find something with "sp_config_rep_agent" and I have not found any information about that:

    Parameter_Name Default_Value Config_Value Run_Value
    ----------------------------- ------------- ------------ ---------
    rs servername n/a REP_DB REP_DB
    rs username n/a REP_DB_ra REP_DB_ra
    scan batch size 1000 1000 1000
    scan timeout 15 15 15
    retry timeout 60 60 60
    skip ltl errors false false false
    batch ltl true true true
    send warm standby xacts false true true
    connect dataserver ASE_DB ASE_DB ASE_DB
    connect database vs750db vs750db vs750db
    send maint xacts to replicate false false false
    trace log file n/a n/a n/a
    security mechanism n/a n/a n/a
    unified login false false false
    msg confidentiality false false false
    msg integrity false false false
    msg replay detection false false false
    msg origin check false false false
    msg out-of-sequence check false false false
    mutual authentication false false false
    net password encryption true true true
    skip unsupported features false false false
    ha failover true true true
    short ltl keywords false false false
    send buffer size 2k 2k 2k
    priority 5 5 5
    send structured oqids false false false
    schema cache growth factor 1 1 1
    data limits filter mode stop stop off
    startup delay 0 0 0
    trace flags 0 0 0

    Could somebody give me some information to avoid this information message?

    I don't want to fill up the replication log file!

    Thank you in advance!

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    This is informational only and it means that it has nothing to process and it will disconnect until any further transactions come in. It will not fill your rep server error log that bad. However you can periodically archive your REPServer logs thro some scripts on your own.

    But if you are so adamant about not seeing this error

    you can do

    alter connection to dbserver.database
    set dsi_fadeout_time to -1

    This will never make the dsi connection to fade out and so you wont get a message in the errorlog. But I think its an overkill. Theres a lot of better things for you to learn and improve on in RepServer than worry about this.
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    Thank you for you reply!

    Yes, you are right, there are more important thinks to learn about replication...but there was my current problem after solve the big problems :-).


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