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    Unanswered: Combo box/query info

    Hi, ive had a look over some past queries, and although some are similar, I dont think any actually answer my problem.

    I have a query which returns all records defined in a criteria. here is a snapshot from the query...

    Field: owner
    Table: main_table
    Criteria: [enter name]

    Thats great....however, I want a similar effect on a form. What i want desirably is on the form a combo box which lets you select the owners name and once selected brings back that person individual records (like it would in the aforementioned query).

    At the moment I can get the users names in the combo box, but it still returns all the records in the main table regardless of the selected name. Ive tried linking it to a seperate query to no success.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    have a form with a combobox with the names. Then have a subform that pulls from a query with the criteria
    [Forms]![Your Form Name]![Your combobox name].

    Then add some code so on the on_change function to requery the subform if the combo box value changes.
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