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    Unanswered: Unable to access database objects without specifying the owner "dbo." in sybase

    Hello there

    I have created a new user group [usr_grp ] and a new user [usr_app] in my sybase database [Sybase 11.0] .
    The usr_grp is associated with the usr_app and the usr_grp has select,insert, update & delete on all the user tables, execute permission on all the user functions and sprocs and select on all the views.

    When tried logging in using the new user - usr_app I was unable to do any operation unless I refer to the database objects with their owner name which is dbo by default.
    For Example:
    I can do a select on Activity table only by using
    Select * from dbo.Activity
    unlike doing this by Select * from Activity

    Or Execute a Sproc only by using
    Exec dbo.Get_AllActivities instead of doing this by
    Exec Get_AllActivities

    Is there any way to get around this similar to something in SQL SERVER where you can say
    So I can do a direct select instead of referring by the owner name.

    Any help regarding this is much appreciated.

    Many Thanks
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