Hi Guys

I'm working on CMS Project, this is big project.
i 'm developing a Server so that client send data to Server, and Server will insert or query data to/from SQL Server 2005.

my question is:

1 - When client send data to Server. i open new Connection -> insert data to SQL then close Connection OR i only open connection at starting CMS Server and then client send data to server -> insert data direct to SQL Server, because Connection always opening. Client will send too much Data to CMS Server

2 - Do i need make 2 connections:
- 1 For Update Database(Insert,Update,Delete) always Open
- 1 For Query Data. i mean if 1 Client send request to Query Data from CMS Server. At that time CMS Server Open connection to SQL Server -> Query Data -> Close Connect

I mean 1 connection to Update Data always Open, 1 connection to Query data always Open and Close data. because Client sometime send request to get data.

How do you think, if i make only 1 connection, and i use Timer to control this connection, after 10 minutes i will Disconnect and Reconnect to SQL?

Thanks and best regards
THien Nguyen