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    Unanswered: japanese characters in the query fecthing no rows

    hi gurus,
    i have a query which contains japnese charactrers in the where condition, this query fecthing no data if fire this query is fired through sqlplus, but same query is fectching data through oracle sql developer.
    problem is we have a cognos report with this filter and that is showing no data in the out put. cognos people said that for a report to show data in the output same query needs to fetch data in the sqlplus and they suggested to set nls_lang to JAPANESE_JAPAN.JA16SJIS both on server and client to show data in the report
    we have oracle installed on linux machine. can any one say how to set nls_lang on linux server or how to make this query fetch data in sqlplus.


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    might need to be exported or modified depending upon actual client OS
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