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    Unanswered: Access Database Complicated Structure

    I am developing a database to track an industry and the interactions we have within it. I have several tables including a COMPANY table (stores name, URL, sales etc.), an ADDRESS table (since a company can have more than one address).

    I would also like to add a table for CONTACTS, and a DIALOG table to track conversations with the contacts. Note that each CONTACT will need to be assigned to a particular address of the company for which they work -- in order to receive correspondence.

    Thinking ahead to the future, each contact may leave to work for another company in the industry. The dialog we have with them will be important to recall both at the CONTACT level as well as the COMPANY level (employer at the time of the conversation) since conversations may relate to company specifics, and not the departed employee . Also, it would be helpful to maintain an employment trail of people over the years as we deal with them.

    I have several ideas on how to proceed, but I wanted to get some of your thoughts first since the time investment in building this is not insignificant.

    Much appreciated.

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    This thread may be better served in the 'Database concepts and design' forum...
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    My initial response would be to have an intersection table between COMPANY, CONTACTS, ADDRESS and DIALOGUE, with DateFrom and DateTo fields. Then, when someone moves from one company to another, you can end-date one intersection record and create a new one. This would retain the history while always giving you up-to-date contact location information.

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