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    Unanswered: Rounding in Oracle

    Simple question here.

    My Java application is JDBC driver to connect to Oracle 11. I have a Date column and noticing that Oracle 11 does not store the millisecond part of the date. So when I read the Date back and look for the time in millseconds, the last thread digits are always 000.

    Any advice?
    Is this just a limit for Oracle or is there anyway to change it?


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    Perhaps you have used DATE datatype instead of TIMESTAMP?
    SQL> create table test
      2  (col_d date,
      3   col_t timestamp
      4  );
    Table created.
    SQL> insert into test (col_d, col_t) values (sysdate, systimestamp);
    1 row created.
    SQL> select * from test;
    COL_D            COL_T
    ---------------- -----------------------------------------------------
    11.06.2009 11:50 11.06.09 11:50:25.234000

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    As you provided no details, I will provide you answer from SQL Reference book, available with another Oracle documentation e.g. online on

    For Oracle 11g, it is available here:
    Chapter 2 Basic Elements of Oracle SQL
    Oracle Built-in Datatypes
    TIMESTAMP Datatype
    ...fractional_seconds_precision optionally specifies the number of digits Oracle stores in the fractional part of the SECOND datetime field. When you create a column of this datatype, the value can be a number in the range 0 to 9. The default is 6.

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