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    Unanswered: DATA_ENCRYPT Authentication

    Warning: This post contains newbie material that may be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

    A DB2 tutorial explains DATA_ENCRYPT authentication as follows:

    Authentication takes place on the server. The server accepts encrypted userids and passwords, and will encrypt the data. This operates the same way as SERVER_ENCRYPT, except the data is encrypted as well.
    This implies that encryption of the data takes place on the server, but I thought the point of encryption was to protect the data while being transferred from the client to the server. Can anyone elaborate on this?

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    My understand to this is that the data and the userid/password will be geting encrypted by client and sent over wire to server where they are decrypted and finally verified .
    I may be wrong though
    Rahul Singh
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    may be this is not require no more becz it is a very old post

    DATA_ENCRYPT Specifies that the server accepts encrypted SERVER authentication schemes and the encryption of user data.

    The following user data is also encrypted when using this authentication type:
    SQL and XQuery* statements
    SQL program variable data
    Output data from the server processing of an SQL or XQuery* statement and including a description of the data
    Some or all of the answer set data resulting from a query
    Large object (LOB) data streaming
    SQLDA descriptors

    ( i know this is a very old post but as I was serching the same what u were searching may be this information will be helpful for a new person for db2 )

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