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    Unanswered: SSMS.exe high CPU utilization

    SSMS.exe (SQL Server 2008) just started killing my CPU today. It has been hovering around 50% and I am not even doing anything in it. It is open I ran Spybot Search & Destroy and got nothing. I installed SQL 2008 SP1 and restarted and still getting hosed. I know the good people at M$ released like a million criticcal patches yesterday but I got no time to bleed. Process explorer does not show anything too suspicous other than ssms.exe running wild.

    thoughts? suggestions? ridicule? belittlement?

    I am starting our corporate anti-virus software on demad scan now.
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    Unfortunately SSMS.exe from time to time will suck up all the CPU.
    Even in 2005 when i try to open a table SSMS would just freeze and CPU would go up and i'd have to wait like 5 min.

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