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    Unanswered: using like in procedure


    I send a parameter (p_value)to my procedure include company_name like cocacola,but I want to get datas if client writes cocacol,cocac .........

    but I cant use like in my procedure

    where company_name like p_value ??????????????

    in normal sql I can use like

    where company_name like '%cocac%'

    but in procedure I cant success

    Thank for your care

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    Cool Like it or not.

    If you have a "list" of values, you would have to create an sql statement with a "LIKE '%pvalue%' expression for each of the values and use the "EXECUTE IMMEDIATE" command.

    If you have in p_value one entry only, do this:

    WHERE company_name LIKE '%'||p_value||'%'
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