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    Unanswered: Treeview control

    Beginers dont even try!!!!

    need help!!!

    I am implementing a treeview control on my form. On the left side of the form I have the tree and on the right side of the same form I can input new Record. I want to be able scroll through the tree view and see the corresponing change in the record on the right side..... to give a clear pic I have attached a drawing.

    if you think you are genius then you know what to do.

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    Given that you've provided nothing in the way of explanation as to how this form is constructed, you don't need a genius so much as a psychic... :P

    Going on the assumptions:
    1. The right-hand side is bound to the same underlying data as the left-hand side
    2. The tree is some type of subform
    3. The different levels on the right are nested subforms

    All you need is
    (I can't recall which one right now, but it'll be one of them) on the OnCurrent event of the tree subform.

    Good luck!

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