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    Red face Unanswered: Orcale 9.2 Schema Backup.

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this forum and this is my first post! I to backup a few schema in Oracle but i do not know the exact query. I am trying to do it so the the paramter file is read from the local and the .dmp file is also created in the local system. could you please suggest me the syntax of the query! I just created a base query. Could you please suggest that would this work?

    exp ajaxdb/Pewter124@jdbc:oracle:thin:@"DB_URL" PARFILE=E:\\Workbench\\DB_Handler\\lib\\parameter. txt LOG=E:\\Workbench\\DB_Handler\\lib\\dba.log

    Its kinda urgent. So please help!!!!
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    Cool And?

    And what does the E:\\Workbench\\DB_Handler\\lib\\dba.log say?

    Under the "{Oracle Home}\NETWORK\ADMIN" directory there is a tnsnames.ora file.
    Assuming the database instance name is: DB_URL, check or add an entry for the remote database which sould look something like this:
    DB_URL = 
    Then try something like this:
    exp ajaxdb/Pewter124@DB_URL PARFILE=E:\\Workbench\\DB_Handler\\lib\\parameter. txt LOG=E:\\Workbench\\DB_Handler\\lib\\dba.log
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    Thanks for your reply. The problem is i am connection to the database server through SQL Developer. The oracle is not installed on my machine. Also i am trying to run this script through a piece of java code! When i run this query all i get is an invalid SQL statement. The dba.log is 0 Kb, so basically it says nothing!!!

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