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    Question Unanswered: Security problem converting Access 97 to 2007

    I am the new (newby) administrator for an established Access 97 database and need to convert to Access 2007 on a different computer. I have copied the 97 mdb file to the new computer that has Access 2007 installed as well as the 97 system.mdw file (to the same location as the Access 2007 mdw file and disabled the original one). When I try to open the database I get the logon window, log on and get the message "The current user does not have permission to convert or enable this database." This message appears with two different authorized users and passwords. Suggestions, please.

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    At a guess, I would say that the users being logged into don't have enough permissions to convert the database. Just like the error suggests.

    I've converted LOTS of Acesss 97 databases to Access 2007 (unfortunately) and I have never had any problems. This leads me to believe the message at face value.

    The logged in users might have design rights to forms and such, but what about the permissions on the DATABASE object?

    I suggest you closely examine exactly what permissions the logged in user has on the database, not just it's forms/reports.
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    Smile Importing works

    When I start a new database in Access 2007 and use the Import Database function it seem to work okay. Thanks.

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