I have been getting help here since i started creating databases for the company i work for. I have read many posts trying to find the help i need and not once have i read a post were someone here has gotten an attitude with someone that is asking for help and i am astonished. The difference in the level of experience of the members giving help to those of us who need it is like a surgeon telling someone how to perform open heart surgery through email. I work for a very small company and i have very little experience with databases and if i could not take advantage of the vast knowledge base here i most certainly would not be able to create the database i need. I would like to thank everyone that helps those of use that are database retarded and nothing in return.

THANK YOU To everyone that has helped me, and to those who haven't, i'm sure i'll give you a chance.

For those of you that are new to the forums, if you cant get the answer you need from someone that is helping you then you not asking the right question. Keep trying and rephrase your question, they will get you to where you want to go.