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    Unanswered: Question about entering data through form

    I ahve a question that may be easily answered.

    I have a main project table that is connected to another table. lets say one table project the other table customers..

    table 1 is joined to table 2 with a many to 1 relationship.. 1 customer can have many projects.. table 1 having PK and 2 FK

    if I wanted my first form to be my project table.. how could I fill the info out and then creat a new record without physically entering in the customer FK in prior.. I tried the cascade update.. however I dont think I get it...

    what am I missing?

    thanks many times in advance!!

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    You want to create a new project record without having the customer as a requirement?

    If so, then you can go into design view for the project table, select the customer FK, and in the field properties change 'Required' to 'No'.

    Cascade updates is used if, for some reason, you had to change the PK of a customer. Access would automatically update the customer FKs to the new value in the related Project table.

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