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    Unanswered: Importing a dump file from Oracle 11g to Oracle 10g

    Hi guys,

    Sorry I'm quite new to Oracle DB. I just want to ask on how import a dump file created from and Oracle 11g database? It returns an error saying data file header not known and it seems that Oracle 10g has no forward compatibilty. Is there a work around in this?


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    Try to perform export (from the 11g) using the 10g export utility. Import data into 10g using 10g's import utility.

    Basically, export should be done by using lower database version export utility, while import should be done by using the target database's import utility.

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    Yes, as Littlefoot said. Here I have dumped the datum from Oracle But I have failed to imped the dumped datum into Oracle 8.1.6.

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    Thanks guys. It worked. I've used my local machine with a 10g client installled created a dump from a 11g and applied import to my 10g database. Really appreciate it. thanks

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    Something I found today (which applies to datapump, not the older imp/exp). When you're creating your *.dmp file, you provide the version number of the destination database, when it's an older version. Then you don't have to have the older version datapump utility on the newer system:

    Default: COMPATIBLE
    Specifies the version of database objects to be exported. This can be used to create a dump file set that is compatible with a previous release of Oracle Database.
    Syntax and Description
    VERSION={COMPATIBLE | LATEST | version_string}
    The legal values for the VERSION parameter are as follows:
    COMPATIBLE - This is the default value. The version of the metadata corresponds to the database compatibility level. Database compatibility must be set to 9.2 or higher.
    LATEST - The version of the metadata corresponds to the database version.
    version_string - A specific database version (for example, 10.0.0). In Oracle Database 10g, this value cannot be lower than 9.2.
    Database objects or attributes that are incompatible with the specified version will not be exported. For example, tables containing new datatypes that are not supported in the specified version will not be exported.
    The following example shows an export for which the version of the metadata will correspond to the database version:
    > expdp hr/hr TABLES=hr.employees VERSION=LATEST DIRECTORY=dpump_dir1
    2 Data Pump Export


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    Thanks Chuck. I missed that and it is a very cool option.
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