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    Unanswered: Where to write "exec" Stored procedures in code

    Hello all,

    New to this world of Stored Procedures so will probably need a lot of help. I'm learning Stroed procedures daily, but have a project that is running in tandem with me learning of this new concept.

    the project is a new intranet, in which the structure was set up by my manager, however he is no longer here, and I have the task to keep it moving forward, and try my best to complete it.

    staff in the company need to have access to areas that relate to them and their department, and this has been set up with the aid of Stored Procedures. however I'm not entirely sure where they, or any additonal information (if any) needs to be / should be placed.

    Any help, or information would be great.

    Kind regards

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    Hi Mind_grapes,
    I'm not sure if I'm reading you correct but stored procedures are stored in the database itself. If you know your way around SQL Enterprise Manager / SQL Server Management Studion then the stored procedures in your database can be found under <server_name> --> <database> --> <programmability> --> <stored procedures>

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