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    Unanswered: DB2 JDBC equivalent of oracel.sql.STRUCT and oracle.spatial.geometry.JGeometry?


    I'm asking this just to check, because I believe the answer is "no", but in case not, is there a JDBC extension for DB2 that has equivalent classes for oracle.spatial.geometry.JGeometry and oracle.sql.STRUCT?

    In Oracle, these classes enable you to retrieve data from a spatial column:
    STRUCT struct = (oracle.sql.STRUCT) myResultSet.getObject(i);
    JGeometry geom = JGeometry.load(struct);

    In DB2, from my research so far, you have to create your own equivalent JGeometry class, and convert from java.sql.BLOB/CLOB. Is there another way to get spatial data from a DB2 database in Java program?


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    You are right in that you have to roll your own API for this. Here you can find some examples:

    Visualize DB2 spatial data in Web applications
    Visualize spatial data in DB2 (Geotools modules 2.6-SNAPSHOT API)
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