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    Unanswered: Restore old database back up, ontape Help !

    I have a database back up file created by " ontape -s -L 0 ", Informix Dynamic Server 2000 Version 9.21

    I need to extract the data somehow, really need some help here, any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

    Here is what I tried :

    1. Installed version 11.5 and tried to use
    cat file.bin | ontape -r -v -t STDIO
    this produced : Physical restore failed - Invalid archive tape
    I am assuming there is a format mismatch here as db versions are so far apart

    2. Tried to use archecker
    " cat -u file.bin | archecker -tvsdX -f db.schema " to extract at least a table
    This did not work either :
    Tables found on archive 0
    Tables not located on archive 2

    What are my options here. I really need your help guys !!

    How can i parse the file? Is the only option to install 9.X informix and perform a restore. Can archecker be used somehow ?


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    Thumbs down ontape

    I have only ever been able to restore an archive with ontape using the same version of IDS

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    Do you mean 9.2 -> 9.2, or is it possible to do 9.x ->9.x ?

    What other versions have you tried, 9.x ->10.x ?

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