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    Unanswered: Subform Not Displaying Data from MasterLinkField

    Thank you for your help.

    I have 3 form tier, Master form is the navigator that filters the other 2 subfrms.

    Master Form (User selects unique record set to add edit, etc): Field - IDtracking
    \ Sub Form (Allows add only to record set): linked to master forms field IDtracking
    \ Sub Form - Data display log (Allows edits to records): Linked to above subfrm field IDtracking

    My problem:

    I'm getting the tables to link and display data, but ONLY when I add a new record, because the field my forms are linked to populates the id value from the master form, however once the record is added the sub form ID goes to 0 and I 'lose' the display log (because the form it's linked to isn't 'staying' linked to the master form).

    How do I keep the froms to stay linked.

    When I was using a table as the forms record source it worked just fine, but i need to use a query as the record source because i need data from several sources.

    Big picture question:

    When i link directly to the tables i had it working, but because of the nature of the data needed i need to use a query to link data from several tables.

    Query vs table as the data source what are the key things I have to deal with to give me the flexibility of a qurries but the functionality of tables.

    Thank you very much


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    Resolved 1 issue, but opened a new one.

    In the Form Property i changed the "Data Entry" from YES to NO and got the data to display. However, now it populates the fields with a record where i only want data entry so no records pre-populated in the fields. Adds only.
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    Looks like i got a solution, if anyone knows a better way let me know.

    Master form - no changes

    sub form 1 - data entry only, Set property data entry to yes

    sub form 2 - changed the Link Master Fields from the sub form 1 to Master form.

    I have all the functionaly of the query to pull the data i need from the multipule sources, but now have functionality tables.

    Only issues, that the IDtracking field on the sub form 1 doesn't show the ID it will be adding the record to until the record has started / created on the table. (Which now makes sense about the differences of using tables and queries...)

    Like I said, please feel free to add comments or ideas of a better solution.

    thanks again

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    Ok, my DB is crashing because of the way I'm doing this.

    Issue -

    Same set up as above, but when I close the form i'm asked for:

    Enter Parameter Value
    Forms!<my form name>!<my field name>

    This is the code i used to refer my sub form 2 to the master form. Am I wrong in using this syntax method?

    It only crashes when i close the form, but i'm asked for the parameter everytime i switch to detail view. Any suggestions?

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